Javascript Partial application

When working with Javascript there are a few core concepts that will make life easier and keep your code expressive. One of these core concepts is partial application, a very narrow definition would be: Defining a function that enables the application of another function with an incomplete set of arguments.

But what does that mean?
It means that I can define a function called tieUsingWindsor that takes a tie argument and calls a set of functions with default values. For example it would call tieTie which takes the tie argument, a knot argument and a pressure argument. by defining the tieUsingWindsor function we can apply the tieTie function and only need a single argument.


 (function (){
   "use strict";
   //This method will require all 
   //three parameters to be passed.
   var tieTie = function(tie, knot, tightness) {
   	var text = 'tied the %s using a 
    		%s knot and tightness %d';
   	console.log(text, tie, knot, tightness);
   //we can apply tieTie with only a single parameter.
   var tieUsingWindsor = function(tie) {
     var knot = 'windsor',
     	tightness = 20;
     //apply tieTie.
     tieTie(tie, knot, tightness);
   //Partial application.
   tieUsingWindsor('red tie');
   //same result as above but had to pass all parameters.
   tieTie('red tie', 'windsor', 20);