dualshock-controller Linux bluetooth compatibility

raspberry pi and dualshock picture here

For some time now linux compatibility in the dualshock-controller node module has been usb only, the main reason for this is that linux bluetooth and node-hid do not play well together.
The fact that Sony made a complex pairing process did not help either (they have fixed this in the Dualshock 4).

v0.6.7 unplug all the things (actually just the Dualshock 3 controller)

Bluetooth compatibility has been added. Unfortunately, pairing the controller requires external tools and you might need to compile them, a step by step guide is available here wiki entry.

If you don't mind the wires and want to keep using node-hid, you can pass the "forceNodeHid" option:

var controller = dualShock(
      forceNodeHid : true  

This will tell the library to use node-hid no matter what.

Next steps in linux compatibility

Although adding bluetooth compatibility was a step in the right direction we have lost a few features at the moment (only if using bluetooth under linux):

These features will be added to the linux connector in time.